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Honours co-ordinators

Numerous Honours projects relevant to today's science discoveries are available across the spectrum of teaching disciplines within the School.

These areas include Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Genetics.

Honours is a useful qualification in its own right. You will have opportunities to develop a greater degree of understanding in your chosen field of study and receive a high level of training in a broad range of skills such as experimental methods, problem solving, literature searching, data analysis, computing, and written and oral communication.

The Honours course starts at the beginning of semester 1 each year. However please be aware that some students will need to be available a week prior to this to complete necessary external courses.


A comprehensive list of projects is provided in the Honours Project Booklet. Please contact the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry administration for a copy of the booklet.

How to apply

Honours Preference Form

All applicants must complete the School's Honours Preference Form. The purpose of this form is to ascertain your interest in our Honours/GradDipSci courses. It is appreciated that students may be exploring Honours/GradDipSci in more than one discipline. Submission details are included on the form.


The Raoul Robellaz Kahan Honours Scholarship in Chemistry Applications are open

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UWA applicants

If you completed your undergraduate studies at UWA you should lodge an on-line application via StudentConnect. If you no longer have access to Student Connect you should email Student Administration with your details and access will be arranged.

Honours applications for 2017 are now open. No mid-year entry is available; the Honours year starts February 2017.

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Non-UWA applicants

If you have not previously been enrolled at UWA, you apply through one of the following centres, depending on your circumstances.

Australian students

International students