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Plant Biology and biochemistry

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Plants have much more to offer us than solutions to our agricultural challenges.

Plants provide an untapped resource of peptides and information relevant to human drugs.

Our lab is asking: (i) how do plant genes evolve to create proteins with applications as drugs, (ii) how do plants process such proteins and can we manipulate this to our advantage, and (iii) can plants teach us how human drugs work, so that we can make improved or completely new pharmaceuticals?

Our cross-disciplinary research provides a creative approach to drug discovery and design by dissecting plant protein evolution.

Dr Mylne is a new staff member hailing from UQ where he held a prestigious ARC QEII Fellowship (2008-2012) and won the Peter Goldacre Award (2012). He just accepted an ARC Future Fellowship (2013-2016) to start a new lab at UWA studying the genetic evolution of plant proteins with biomedical applications.