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Research partnerships


If you are interested in a research partnership please contact:

By developing new technologies and providing solutions to today's issues, we are expanding our research partnerships with industry.

We provide a wealth of expertise supported by specialist facilities, a willingness to listen to the needs of industry and a strong desire to build long-term relationships.

Professional development and services

Professional development offered by UWA includes a variety of courses, workshops and seminars for those in the mining and resources, legal, medical, education, business and public sectors.

Services include access to certain specialist, world-class facilities of the University and our extensive research expertise.


The UWA Careers Centre offers a range of services to employers to assist them to recruit high quality UWA students and promote their organisations on campus.

Recognised as one of the best universities in the country, The University of Western Australia attracts high calibre undergraduate and postgraduate students from Australia and overseas. UWA graduates have consistently been the best in gaining full-time employment when compared to graduates from other WA universities and they have matched or exceeded national graduate employment rates.

Opportunities and benefits

  • Partnership in research projects to solve current real world problems.
  • Sponsorship of research infrastructure.
  • Naming recognition to professional chair appointments.
  • Sponsorship of named scholarships or prizes.
  • Access to consultancy services including state-of-the-art analytical facilities.
  • Access to postgraduate students of the highest calibre.
  • Access to researchers who are internationally recognised as leaders in their field.

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